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LG Styler. Improved clothing care system

With LG Styler, you can give clothes a neat look and remove up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and allergens effortlessly and without damaging the fabric. Styler helps to effectively iron creases, easily remove odors or gently dry any item of clothing.

With the growing number of new viruses and people suffering from allergies, cleaning clothes has become as important as hand washing. However, frequent washing has a negative effect on the condition of the tissues, causing them to wear out prematurely. The LG Styler paired care system with TrueSteam is a response to new user needs.

TrueSteam Steam Technology

The LG Styler multifunction system efficiently performs several tasks at once. With smart technology, you no longer have to deal with cleaning difficult-to-care items, such as fancy dresses, jackets or sweaters, soft toys, blankets or pillows. TrueSteam’s unique steam treatment technology removes up to 99.9% of dangerous bacteria, viruses, dust mites and other allergens.

LG Styler uses only clean water, without chemicals, and generates steam that is evenly distributed inside the “cabinet”. Penetrating into the smallest fibers, it disinfects tissues without damaging their structure. Harmful microorganisms simply disappear, and users get clean things that can be used without harm to health.

Careful drying

Did you get in the rain in your favorite cashmere coat, wash delicate items made of silk, wool or felt? LG Styler dries things thoroughly without overheating and tipping over. Drying with a heat pump at a temperature not exceeding 50-60 ° C carefully and efficiently removes moisture from clothes, while smoothing the fibers of the fabric. Clothes become soft and smooth without the risk of deformation and shrinkage. Want a life hack? Open the LG Styler door during the drying cycle and technology will take on the role of air freshener.

Careful drying with LG Styler

Easy ironing and freshness

LG Styler is useful for those who do not like to waste time on ironing. It has become easier than ever to remove wrinkles with smart technology. It is enough to hang clothes inside, choose the necessary program, and after the end of a cycle to take away already ironed clothes. You can always have straight arrows on your pants thanks to the optional trouser press.

Heated steam penetrates deep into the fibers, gently aligning them, and at the same time eliminates pungent odors.

Remote control

Like all intelligent LG technology, the Styler has a remote control function. With the LG ThinQ application, you can start and control the mode of operation from your smartphone, receive a signal to end the session, perform diagnostics and troubleshoot.

LG Styler’s high-tech stuffing is housed in a stylish case with mirrored doors made of tempered glass. Thanks to its minimalist design, the LG Styler will perfectly fit into any interior and decorate the hallway, living room or laundry room.

Life is becoming more technological and comfortable, and the LG Styler complements this everyday comfort.

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