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2E Gaming gaming enclosures for compact systems

The new 2E Gaming line proves that compactness means modernity, ergonomics and high technology.

The case is the basis of a computer system that unites all the components. The efficiency of the PC directly depends on how correct the choice of this peripheral element will be. This is especially true for those who build the system in a compact format.

It is for such users that 2E Gaming cases are created on the basis of the unique and reliable 2E Gaming style chassis, the design of which guarantees active blowing and rational organization of internal space. These are the 2E Gaming DEFENSO, 2E Gaming ASPER and 2E Gaming CLARUS models. They are designed for Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards, standard ATX power supplies and CPU cooling for up to 163 mm. The length of the video card for use in these cases should not exceed 375 mm.

Gaming System

Quality provides functionality

The concept of “gaming” is synonymous with progress and functionality and goes beyond the world of computer games. Gaming systems perform better than standard tasks, in particular, video editing or processing large data sets. And this is achieved through the high quality and performance of all components.

The 2E Gaming enclosures are made of high-quality SPCC 0.7 mm thick steel and 4 mm tempered tempered glass with a screw mount on the rear panel that is easy to remove when needed. The metal is polished, there are no sharpening or elements that would interfere with the installation of assembly and placement of cables.

All three models are equipped with USB 3.0 × 1, USB 2.0 × 2 connectors, storage compartments (3.5 ”× 2; 2.5” × 3) and four expansion slots. The power supply unit is mounted in the lower part of the housings, and a standard dust filter is placed directly below it. The top panel also has a dust magnetic filter that can be easily removed and cleaned if necessary. The legs of the housings are decorated with rubber inserts to dampen vibration on the surface and securely fix.

The buildings have space for one- and two-section liquid cooling. You can also install up to five standard fans (120 mm), which will create the necessary air circulation inside the housing for efficient operation of the system.

Style emphasizes practicality

Design is the main difference between the buildings. So in this series, users will be able to choose the model that best suits their interior and will be compatible with other devices and appliances.

2E Gaming DEFENSO and 2E Gaming ASPER models for those who prefer more restrained design options. DEFENSO is equipped with a combined front plastic panel with a mesh insert and ARGB backlight (built-in ARGB tape). Includes one built-in 120mm ARGB fan on the rear panel.

The ASPER features a figured perforated plastic front panel with ARGB backlight and three built-in 120mm ARGB fans: two on the top panel and one on the back.

If the user wants something brighter, he will like the CLARUS model, which has a tempered glass front panel, two 120 mm ARGB fans on the front panel and one on the rear. On both sides of the front panel there are holes for active ventilation, which provides efficient heat transfer and protects components from overheating.

Fans in all models are connected to a built-in hub. You can change the color of the backlight or turn it off using the button on the input panel. The enclosures are equipped with a cable to connect the hub to the motherboard, making it possible to control and synchronize the backlight of all system components.

Style emphasizes practicality

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