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How easy it is to overcome geoblocking from Ukraine in 2021

All types of services, websites, and sometimes even some governments use anti-VPN technology to prevent you from accessing content they don’t want to show you . If you’ve seen Netflix’s “I think you’re using a proxy or blocking service” message, you have your own experience with this issue.

You may have noticed that your VPN is unable to resolve the access issue. This may be because your network’s IP addresses are constantly being exposed , or because it uses ports that anti-VPNs have identified as suspicious.

Stay tuned to learn more about VPN blocking and how to get around it from anywhere in the world. This gives you access to streaming video sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and BBC iPlayer; be able to play games like Minecraft ; and overcome any blocks installed by your school, employer, or ISP.

However, if you’ve tried all the blocking strategies and found that your current VPN can’t give you access, it may be time to choose another service. I prefer ExpressVPN because it has perfect security and super-fast servers. In addition, the service guarantees a refund, so you can try it in person without the risk of financial costs.

Overcome any VPN blocks with ExpressVPN

Not enough time? Below are the best VPNs for overcoming VPN blocks from Ukraine

  1. ExpressVPN – High speeds and multiple security protocols help you avoid port blocking and seamless video streaming.
  2. CyberGhost – Hundreds of personalization options and a user-friendly interface have made this service a good option for many users.
  3. IPVanish – With over 1,900 servers in 70 countries, IPVanish offers all the capabilities you’d expect from a VPN.
  4. TunnelBear – Great for beginners because it’s one of the most convenient VPNs on the market.

Read about the best VPNs below.

Overcome any VPN blocks with ExpressVPN

Most common methods of blocking VPN connections

IP Blocking

Your IP address reveals a lot of information about your device and the location of the websites you visit. If you use a VPN, websites will only get the IP address and location of the server you are connected to.

Companies like Netflix and Hulu compare the IP addresses of their visitors with a database of known VPN services and block access to their website if they match. Many VPN services regularly change the IP addresses of their servers to avoid such blocking, as new IP addresses are not blacklisted.

Lock ports

When you use a VPN, your data passes through several ports. To restrict network access, network administrators typically block access to ports that are most commonly used by VPN services.

Detailed Packet Analysis (DPI)

Governments and corporations can use detailed packet analysis methods to study the data passing through their network and act on the information they find. Using the detailed packet analysis method, they can determine if a VPN is in use, and then block, reroute, or log data.

How to bypass VPN connection blocking

A reliable VPN service that can bypass VPN blocking technology will always be the quickest and easiest way to circumvent such restrictions. You can find our recommendations for the best VPN services below.

How to bypass VPN connection blocking when using Netflix (and other streaming video services)

Use a VPN service that can bypass blocking: The quickest and easiest way is to use a VPN service whose servers are not on Netflix’s blacklist. Good VPN services regularly change the IP addresses of their servers to prevent them from being identified by Netflix.

Set up a dedicated IP address: Many VPN services offer dedicated IP addresses to their users. Dedicated IP addresses are usually available for an additional fee, but Netflix is ​​able to detect them minimally because they are used only by their owners.

How to work around blocking VPN connections in the workplace

Change the VPN connection port: If your network administrator has detected and blocked access to the ports that VPN uses most often on your network, you can configure and change the ports to lesser known ones. Here is a list of some available ports: 2018, 41185, 443 and 80.

Use Tor as your web browser: Tor is a secure browser that masks your IP address. It allows users to anonymously access the Internet and share content and can be a powerful tool if you want to bypass VPN connection blocking. You can download it for free, but you’ll need administrator privileges to install the browser on your desktop device.

The Tor browser transmits your data through its network of servers, which prevents network administrators from tracking your network activity. By connecting the Tor browser to Obfsproxy, a program that changes the appearance of data on the network, you You will be able to prevent detailed analysis of packages. Read our Detailed instructions for using the Tor browser here.

How to work around blocking VPN connections in countries that restrict access to content on the Internet

Choose a VPN service that uses Obfsproxy technology: Despite restrictions imposed by governments and ISPs, many VPN services are still able to circumvent established blocking methods. , VPNs like TunnelBear offer the ability to use the Obfsproxy feature to turn your encrypted data into regular Internet traffic during detailed packet analysis. For more information on limiting VPN services, check out our reviews of the best VPN services for use in China or South Korea.

Use Shadowsocks: Shadowsocks is a special open source application that uses SOCKS5 to bypass proxy servers to bypass a proxy server. This is very similar to using VPNs, but because the application is less centralized, it is harder to detect and block.

Best VPNs to bypass VPN blocking

It’s important to choose the best service to bypass VPN blocking , as not every VPN service can handle the task. You’ll need a VPN that offers a large number of servers To connect to a country that you want to use as your virtual location and that regularly updates the IP addresses of its servers. It’s also important that the VPN service you choose offers enough capabilities for detailed port configuration . Being able to use Obfsproxy technology would be a great bonus.

Below is our list of recommended VPNs to bypass VPN blocking.

1. ExpressVPN – Secure and Easy to use

ExpressVPN has a large number of servers in many places around the world, so you will have many options for overcoming IP blocking . The service provides incredibly high speeds of connection and encryption that meets military standards . By following a strict opt-out policy , your sensitive information will always be safe.

The network hosts servers in 90 countries and offers applications for each platform , including routers, making it one of the best VPN services on the market. You can see for yourself by reading the reviews of real ExpressVPN users.

ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for all your VPN services.

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2. CyberGhost – Incredible global coverage

Black Friday Offer / Cyber ​​Monday 2021: Get CyberGhost now with 83% off ! You will pay only $ 2.25 / month and get 3 months of use absolutely free

In total, CyberGhost has more than 7,260 servers worldwide and is one of the fastest and most reliable VPN services on the market. Advanced settings allow you to use a random port that changes each time you connect, making it harder for network administrators to block VPN connections .

CyberGhost has a strict opt-out policy , and a simple interface makes it easy for users to use and configure. 256-bit encryption keeps your data safe. You can use the services of the service without any risk for 45 days to understand why this service is the most effective tool for Internet security.

CyberGhost also offers a 7-day free trial for iOS and Android users.

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3. IPVanish – High speed connection and unlimited bandwidth

With a large network of 1,900 servers in 70 countries, IPVanish provides and provides all the necessary VPN functionality. High-speed connections and unlimited bandwidth networks help you get around VPN connections, and reliable security features protect your privacy and anonymity.

The service offers a 7-day money back guarantee for all its services, as well as applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows Phone, Linux, Chromebook and routers. No wonder she gets such great feedback from users.

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4. TunnelBear – high speed and VPN blocking technology

When scanning packets in detail, TunnelBear’s unique GhostBear feature uses Obfsproxy to mask your VPN to normal Internet traffic without losing encryption. This is a great way to bypass VPN blocking , especially in countries where Internet usage is severely restricted.

This service is also ideal for beginners and is one of the most convenient VPNs on the market. TunnelBear provides high-quality security features , and its security feature starts automatically when you connect to the Internet.

TunnelBear offers its apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome, and Opera, and provides the ability to connect 5 devices at once .

Before you buy a premium subscription , you can try the free version of TunnelBear, which provides 500 MB of free data. You can read user reviews about TunnelBear here.

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