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Find the right handy contract: Give it a try at Telekom, O2 & Co. achten

Lock your mobile phone forever with a different Gigabyte of data volumes or talk about important data rates on your mobile network. As part of NextPit’s tariff checks, I still find them, and I will find the appropriate handy sales. Here you can find one of our listings:

To make sure you still have a checklist with the same list, on which of these deals you have to make a reservation!

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Since I don’t know exactly how much data volume you need, of course, I’ll stick to general tips in this article. Read this article like a guide that gives you an idea of ​​what you really need at each point. These points of interest can be found after the contract, the European business has the best price.

Point 1: How many data volumes are used? Year 2021 comes with a known contingent of “data volumes”. These data in Gigabyte are also provided and written in the High-Speed ​​Volume data rate, which is still available for availability. An agreement of 5 Gigabytes of data volumes is also not available, but its mobile network is only 5,000 megabytes in size.

Instead, mobile surfing is usually painfully slow after these 5 gigabytes have expired. It is also available for handicrafts, and the LTE speed limit is available on the data contingent for WhatsApp and mobile navigation. At this point, we will be at the same time. Because first of all we want to find out how many gigabytes of data volume are actually necessary.

Data Usage NextPit
Thanks to Rahul, the article for your mobile data has been released!

I still don’t have a set and a pin or a similar appointment calendar. Marked Euch is only one day old, and Ihn dads a lot with Handy underwear and when on the trip no WLAN network. The Corona Pandemic is located in a large number of people in the Copenhagen Pandemic, but the data of the Corona Pandemic is very drastic. There you can see how much of your mobile data you have actually used in the last month. If I want to use my handy, I will always be safe, that I will have 1 gigabyte of mobile data in my own money. Because, strictly speaking, I switch from one WLAN network to the next and only use Spotify and WhatsApp on the go.

The speed of mobile Internet. Here you go again or again on your request. In the following table, I still have a few points of reference together.

In addition to your needs, you should also be aware of an addition to cell phone contracts: “up to …”. Because with this, mobile phone providers protect themselves against disgruntled customers complaining about the slow internet speed. The well-informed report is on the 1-Gbit cable contract, the Vodafone page for 2019. Theoretically, it is still up to 1 Gigabit per second to surf – in practice, these opportunities are only for a few places and only for the best time. The perfect translation in a different theme!

Item 3: Use your 5G? Fall yes, you can find a contract with 5G compatibility. Because in some large cities, 5G networks and 5G-compatible anchor networks can already be used quite well. In doing so, you will more or less enjoy the advantages that 5G will offer in the next few years.

Redmi Note 9T
In the 5G test, I found out that the new mobile phone standard in the main city is not grand at all. / © NextPit

Neighboring conditions also include additional capacities for parts of mobile phones or related latencies. In my 5G test with the Redmi Note 9T in Berlin, I really like it. Due to the high number of visitors, I am only in Berlin-Mitte. And when you do, you still need a handy advertisement, but you can’t really do it.

Item 4: All-flat for telephony and SMS?

Do you want to phone and write your SMS again, sign up for WhatsApp or your alternatives? Please note that the tariff details are included in the support for Allnet flatrates. Because you don’t have to worry about additional costs when making calls or texting.

Point 5: Add a new mobile phone?

It’s really tempting to see a new handy for you about the new mobile phone contract. These days are surprisingly cheap in the online shops of 1 & 1 and Co. A top-notch smartphone for a payment of only one euro to the contract is added to a receipt, and the owner of the your customer is also available. But in most cases there is nothing for free with cell phone contracts.

If you compare the contract with the supposedly cheap cell phone with the basic contract, you will probably see a big difference in the monthly price. The money that you save at the beginning of the contract is then stuttered over a period of 24 months. Often you pay more than you would spend with good offers on the net.

Advise me not to miss: It can be rented, a new hand over two years of abstinence. However, you shouldn’t let yourself be lured into a cost trap and always first calculate how expensive the mobile phone contract is and how expensive the mobile phone is calculated over two years.

Point 6: costs, hidden costs

We have a lot to say about the property of the Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the conclusion of the contract, the additional costs include the minimum price of the included handy, the connection fees and the shipping costs. The first month of a new handicraft can be considered a good thing. Special offers for 1 & 1 employees are still available at Tariff Checks, so staffing is also available in 12 months. Dabei stands for the monstrous costs after a short period of time for the part on the double floor. The procrastinators of their contracts can be very safe and in the slightest fall, but they are not the ones who, through an overwhelming agreement, make a negative decision. Here is a preview, the year with the writing and disclaiming the costs is a matter of course.

Point 7: Contract times and automatic extensions

Relevant to the total costs of a contract are also the following points: How long does the contract and fall fall into a minimum of time, if any time is allotted to the contract? In addition to the possible employment date, I will be able to read and directly read the conclusions of the verdicts. My sales contract for 1 & 1 is after 12 months and only 9 months later. In addition, my Google Pixel 3 XL is also a good handy, but it is also a good choice.

Point 8: EU roaming, streaming options and Co.

Kleinvieh macht auch Mist and less people for handicrafts offer cool additional options. Seien es Zweit-SIMs für Euer Tablet, free of charge EU-Roaming or Streaming-options as Telekom StreamOn: Cost-free add-ons can be saved immediately, but it can still be used. Schaut also in the contract details, however, goodies your choice of the contract is not recommended. Here again my tip: Writing Euch on and stealing costs as well as words and information with set and pin. Mobile phone can be used in the Eurer Rufnummer collection. The pretensions can be found on the hand, but it is also possible to find out something else: In the absence of errors, the number of bonuses or bonuses or discounts is discounted. Also hold the show after the offers and read the conditions so that you can do it well!

Item 10: Find new handbook ads directly on NextPit

In the NextPit Tarif-Checks we will be able to offer a good offer, if we accept all costs and inclusive offers. Hold on to the NextPit homepage also in the view or download New tariff checks about our RSS feed. Summarize with Abo Possibilities on Facebook, Twitter and Co. can you find your own under this article.

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