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NordVPN complained about the scandal, it remains to be called through TorGuard

Ah, one day I was talking to a colleague about how to do it “calmly”, everything was left in the VPN industry. It seems to me that, as I said, I will sell everything today, because I will change my words in a wild way!

On Friday, TorGuard filed a complaint with NordVPN in the Florida Central District.

Lastly, the American company TorGuard in Florida called on NordVPN with its headquarters in Panama, the latter related to the agreement. 735,000 IP addresses with ARIN through Micfo?

Process Summary

This movie by Tom Spark should be a complete fiasco, but if you need a quick floor, I have prepared a short list of items, as highlighted in the invitation:

    1. The location of the request for a discussion on the topic of the VPN industry.
    2. The US provider has stated that Nord has relations with C-Seven Media or controls it (the former TorGuard service provider is seeking access to “private information”.)

YouTube has been leaking secret information about Tom Spark Reviews, which has recently leaked classified information. October 23, 2018, for example, on Black Friday.

  1. TorGuard provides home help and assistance, compensation “over $ 75,000”, retrieval of all lost lawsuits “in the light of these DD attacks”.

Official NordVPN Response to the Call

Following the summons, I contacted the NordVPN and the latter together with the NordVPN o sprawie.

The server was unsafe and provided reliable information that could result in serious harm to TorGuard and their customers. This is where NordVPN decided to contact TorGuard’s CTO, Keith Murray.

Natychmiast added TorGuard’CEO, Benjamin Van Pelt, to the meeting, and NordVPN provided the IP address of the server, which did not address the issue. , so that TorGuard could make its own port.

Nadal’s mother had problems with her head around him, which happened later. On Monday, May 27, we received information about the summons through the company Losey PLLC.

Our whole company was acting in our own way and the competition was competitive without harm to the industry, and the long reaction jumped us. We are moving forward to the dismissal of TorGuard’s dismissal process, but for so long we have been on the subject: making fake and notorious lawsuits and publishing fake and misleading information.

The VPN industry is gaining in popularity from day to day, in general, at times when regulations are subject to greater control, prescribing regulations ordering data delays and massive surveillance. For the first time, we have witnessed how different VPN providers openly attack each other: in court and online. Remember the scandal involving ProtonVPN and PIA?

In this case, I also mentioned NordVPN in connection with the company CloudVPN (based in the USA), which has ties to the Lithuanian company Tesonet. Later, it was announced that CloudVPN was only a payment processor for Nord, making the Panamanian settlement more difficult.

The Panamanian provider regularly visits the VPN industry’s news section to address the various issues related to their services (the Hola VPN shareholder).

TorGuard is one of those who took part in the action, where their partner “Tom Spark Reviews” often criticizes Nord, and he has a strange behavior. There are claims that Tom Spark is Kevin Wadala and a person known as Corelio Guardez, who promotes TorGuard, but degrades the Nord!

I also hear that. The first time TorGuard was criticized for security concerns. In 2015 Vendor complained about VPN.ac’s competitor about inaccurate copying of the viewer project and API implemented in the viewer and proxy service.

TorGuard criticized for security concerns

Torguard retrieves the current list of proxy gateways via HTTP (known as plain text ); We receive it via HTTPS (A + w Qualys / duplicate results): from Torguard’s background.js, from our background.js;

Torguard’Serwer proxy HTTPS is very uncertain: the use of uncertain ciphers, such as RC4, serves SSL 3, is susceptible to POODLE attacks, does not trust Forward Secretrecy. He gets a disgraceful grade of C in the Qualys test. The result is chandelier 1, chandelier 2 (to see the original result). And that is our result / mirror (FS included, lack of weak codes, only for TLS 1.1 and 1.2);

Summary It is difficult to determine who exactly washed himself. Only CZAS and the verdict summoned, which in fact succeeded and will be able to pay those who are dishonored lol.

a way to eliminate the little trust of clients who already have confidence in the VPN.

Stop yelling at swamps and toxic attacks! Povinniście połączyć ręce, trying to increase awareness of the topic of mass surveillance and data processing, which are GREAT PROBLEMS.

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