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Remove ads from Xiaomi smartphones and disable ads on MIUI

Remove ads from Xiaomi smartphones and disable ads on MIUI

How to disable and remove ads, posts and tips on Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones with Android MIUI

Speaking of the best cheap smartphones in Italy and in the world, we are definitely talking about Xiaomi. Anyone who owns a Xiaomi-branded mobile phone, like the Redmi models, may have noticed how much their “MIUI” system is more than just Android skin with a different theme. Xiaomi’s MIUI has actually made a lot of changes to the Android operating system, changing its appearance and overall performance, making its phones very different from others with the same Android operating system.
The problem is that it is among many Additional features include phone ads sometimes. Because of these annoying ads, Xiaomi smartphones have been subjected to severe criticism that seems like the right price for these devices, which are cheaper than the competition. Fortunately, it is possible to remove these ads from your Xiaomi phone , at least in part.

How to remove advertising from Xiaomi smartphone

Although these ads on Xiaomi smartphones cannot be completely removed from the MIUI system, there is still something that can be done to reduce the presence of on-screen ads Et remove ads with Xiaomi phones with MIUI .

1) Disable MSA applications

For those of you who don’t know, MSA means ” MIUI Notifications ” Disabling this app will fix most of your ad issues “To deactivate Xiaomi MSA smartphone applications, you need to open them Settings and then continue” Additional Parameters “. Find and click ‘ Authorizations and Revocations ‘, find the MSA application in the list and deactivate it.

Disable MSA applications

2) Disable customized ads

By disabling customization of ads, MIUI will not be able to follow your browsing habits. This will not turn off ads, but it will still reduce the number of ads that appear less and less often.
To turn off custom recommendations, go to Parameters and then Additional Parameters i>, open Privacy, and under the Advertising Services section, remove Personal Advertising Advice .

3) Disable ads for applications

MI Security is a collection of MIUI security features where you can run a file cleaner and other phone optimization tools to check for malicious applications. There are ads in this pre-installed app that you can turn off. To do this, open Mi Security, then touch the gear icon and turn off this option receive advice . Then return to the application settings, press “Cleaner” and deactivate ” Get advice “. new websites, applications and services. To stop these ads, open the MI browser, go to Settings , then Progress , and open the Privacy & Security section to find customized disable recommendations.
MIUI also shows ads in the Music Player app, Mi Music . Here, too, open the app and press the three-line button to find Parameters and then Advanced Settings to turn off the recommendation option.

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