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Control your videos and music from Google Chrome with the media box

Monitor videos and music from Google Chrome with Media Box

You can manage video and music streaming in the Google Chrome browser with built-in media button

The latest update to Google Chrome (from Chrome 77) for PC has added a new hidden feature that you might find useful, though perhaps oversimplified. These are video and music players , so you can manage listening to media content open in Chrome, even if you’re watching another tab. This allows you to stop, pause, or skip to the next video directly from the Chrome interface , and is especially useful for those who open many tabs without having to search for the site where the audio is coming from. without inadvertently clicking any open Google Chrome tab or window.

Google Chrome media

Similar to the mute feature on the Chrome website, media control is a somewhat hidden feature that most users can avoid if you’ve never used it before. The Chrome media control button isn’t actually visible, but it only appears when you open a video or start listening to music from the site.
The video control button is located in the upper right corner of the toolbar, between title bar and profile picture, and has a hamburger icon with a music note tip.
As mentioned, although the feature is enabled by default in Windows 10, this button is only available when start playing video or other audio. So you can watch videos on Youtube, online radio stations, music from Spotify or other music streaming sites , as well as all promotional videos.
If you run any video on YouTube, a Chrome media control button will appear in the upper right corner, and you’ll be able to stop or go back and forth after clicking. In the control box, you can read the name of the video or song you’re listening to, the website it’s streaming from, and on Youtube you can read the name of the uploader and the preview image.
You can use the controls from any tab and allow you to stop or edit your videos without having to go to the Youtube tab (or any site that streams audio).
If there are two or more audio cards, the Chrome checkbox allows manage together by also reading the contents of one card and then another card, all from the Chrome interface, which combines the songs and videos of each active tab in every Chrome window open.
If you’re playing a playlist, the i pause, skip, fast forward or rewind keys, as well as skip to the next and previous song or video .
Pressing the X button in the upper right corner of the field stops playback and the multimedia buttons disappear. Che Touch the address in the media box to open the video playback tab, even if it’s in another Google Chrome window.

Windows 10 has media control options enabled in Google Chrome by default. However, if they don’t appear, or if we’ve been to a Mac, you can activate them by opening the chrome: // flags / # global-media-controls tab. Then change Global Media Controls from Default to Enabled and press Restart below to restart your browser and apply the settings.

Media control options in Google Chrome are therefore a great way to manage what you read online without navigating between tabs and windows, reducing downtime while working or reading your site. However, if you want more control, we’ve seen in the past that you can install certain extensions to listen to music in Chrome, MP3, or streaming.

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