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How to play Mario Kart on Android and iPhone

How to play Mario Kart on Android and iPhone

Racing and racing with cards in the Mario Kart Tour, a free version of the popular Nintendo game for iPhone and Android

After just two days, Mario Kart Visit , the latest game in the successful Nintendo series (After Super Mario Run and Dr Mario World), released for the first time on smartphones Android and iPhone phones , already downloaded by 20 million people and immediately climbed to the top of the list of most played games. The success of this game is not only due to the presence of Mario Bros and Nintendo characters, but also because of the game itself, simple and fun, even if it is not yet complete with a multiplayer mode that would make racing much more exciting.

Mario Kart for mobile is a free racing game that mimics the original version of the Nintendo DS, with lots of driving go-karts, Super Mario characters and multiple racing tracks. The mechanics and steering control are simple, acceleration is automatic, so just swipe left or right with your finger to turn the steering wheel. By sliding up or down, you can throw objects forward or backward to hit opponents and slow them down. The main feature of this car game is definitely the fact that the game always hold the smartphone vertically even with one hand.

If piloting seems too easy, Nintendo offers an alternative to drift control a guide that offers a similar experience as the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch (on which this game is based). When the game requires you to choose between easy driving mode and Drifting or Drifting mode, it is better to choose the latter (if you want to change the selection and activate drift, you can go to the menu and then to Settings). Drifting allows you to turn without slowing down and provide a free boost so you can overtake your opponents. In the Mario Kart Tour, you can drift by sliding in the direction of the turn and holding and lowering your finger to complete the turn, which is quite easy and satisfying. If you drive with daggers, it may be convenient to use your other hand to throw objects and use powerups (by sliding your finger down even while turning) or to remove ink from the screen when you touch it.

In the options it is also possible to activate gyroscope ride to turn left and right by tilting the smartphone; by combining a gyroscopic drive with drift, you will definitely have better control over the map in bends and also in planes.

Races are two rounds, against computer-controlled opponents, in which the choice of character can favor the race according to the track. After unlocking certain characters, before the start of the race, you can tap the Drivers button in the menu to see who is the best and where. Connect the pilot to the right lane gives you better power performance and more benefits. In addition, special star earning campaigns can be carried out during the races, which also allows you to earn basic coins and then purchase bonuses. For example, if you hit a blue thorny ball that you may encounter during a race, you earn more extra points.

Mario Kart

The main drawback of the Mario Kart Tour is certainly the fact that there is no multiplayer mode yet, with races against the computer being quite easy to win after all. Therefore, we hope that it will soon be possible to compete with other opponents in real time, which will give this game the added value that is currently lacking. In addition to earning coins without spending real money, you will also need to repeat races you have already won to gain experience points and extra coins. If you open the game every day, you can win a daily prize.

In short, you can’t resist the Mario Kart Tour, as as a racing game it is very easy, fun, technically undemanding and also satisfying in the advancement and bonuses you earn every time you win a race. Although there is no multiplayer mode, you can play Mario Kart Tour at any time, even if you hold your smartphone in one hand, even for games that last a few minutes. The fact that you have to play a lot to earn coins, which is the only way to unlock characters and cards without spending real money, can definitely be a bit distracting. In addition, paid membership gives you access to 200cc races that are otherwise unavailable (you can try the membership for free for two weeks and it looks like a trick to terminate it before the end of both weeks to repeat the free trial period seems to work.)

Playing Mario Kart Tour is free , you just need to download the game to Android or iPhone then at the first Start up with a Nintendo account (free but required).

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