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Manage Internet Giga on iPhone

Manage Internet Giga on iPhone

The arrival of offers of 20 GB or more has made the control of the data consumed on our smartphone almost completely superfluous, since we will hardly be able to finish all the data in a month. Things change radically if we often travel abroad, we often use video streaming services (like Netflix for example) or if we still use an old data offer of less than 10 GB: in these cases it is very useful to limit the data consumption by the operating system and the applications on the device, so as not to run the risk of missing all the included data (and paying additional navigation fees, in this manual). hardly arises, creating situations in which we spend a lot of money without even realizing it.

Consume less internet data on iPhone

Below we will find all the methods we can use on an iPhone to limit data consumption, saving several megabytes that would be “wasted” when we need it most.

Verify activation of iPhone data

To check if the data is active, it will allow you to use the Parameters application and select the portable menu; If the Mobile Data option is active, the phone surrounds LTE or 3G to make it possible for us to download a zone without Wi-Fi cover. Hotspot , the consumption of data is very important, it can be connected to us and has been connected to a Windows PC (which has the effect of missions in journals and downloads in the upcoming plan); nous vérifions Settings -> Personal access point si la voix homonyme est active.

As an agent, we will be able to surf to find the unique use of public Wi-Fi and private, without consuming data traffic. In this case, we invite you to read our article on Free Itinerary in Europe: Limits, Conditions and Surveys . If you want to travel in a non-European country, you can also analyze our needs on Coaches of Internet Access, SMS and Appeals to Applicants .

Check which apps are consuming a lot of data

In addition to verifying the function of the mobile part on the iPhone, it can limit the consumption of data in verified applications that consume more than this point of view, in the application Parameters by clicking on the portable menu and defining the page next to what you are looking for in the Mobile Data section.

We have all applications that are connected to the Internet via LTE or other connections (3G or 2G); these consumption is higher are present at the top and we can disable their access to the cellular data network simply by removing the check mark next to their name. By the way, the app cannot be connected to the Internet using the cellular data (we drastically reduce the consumption of the data available) but it will be available online and we will be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Check which apps are consuming a lot of data

Reduce the consumption of data in the coming plan

Nominal applications (and comprise system) on the iPhone restent actives in memory to notify notifications, screen functions or to receive news in real time, last lorque the phone is closed (screen). This consumption is a constant consumption of our data, which can be used to reduce excess costs and our minimum data limit is dispensed with. To check the applications in the upcoming plan, open the new application Parameters , press the menu General and finally press the menu Refresh background applications >.

If we want to work with precision, we will be able to deactivate the button on the button of our applications (in the previous screen), if we fully complete the mass in the day of arrival-plan of applications that we consider superfluous messages. and social applications, which can be used to prevent notifications). present, in addition to one of them and in a disabling voice Refresh in the background .

Check app notifications

In the field of drastic manners on the days of applications in the coming plan, we are able to reduce the notifications of applications, to save money from the economy. For this, take the path Settings -> Notifications and we choose the applications to prevent the display of notifications on the iPhone.

In the list of applications on the screen, we can choose applications for any of the following notifications and calls that do not provide any information, but also limit the consumption of data from unique applications that are of interest to us.

Blocker automatic updates

A good way to limit the consumption of data on the iPhone (surtout lorsque nous sommes à l’étranger) is to deactivate all misses to automatic applications and the exploitation system, afin d’éviter les téléchargements lourds. To deactivate the month of application for the cellular data network, open the application , press iTunes Store in App Store and select the button in the page ‘The Automatic Downloads element under .

This series, applications and other content included in the App Store and iTunes Store (Music, Books and Audio Books) will be downloaded only when we are on a Wi-Fi network
Stop checking for and downloading updates for iOS, let’s take it Parameters path -> General -> Software update, we press the item below Automatic updates, we can use the button to enter the name of the name.

From now on, the updates will only be downloaded and installed when we personally open the indicated page and start the search (eventualleos under the Wi-Fi network).

Remove unnecessary applications

The last good advice that we can give you to limit the consumption of data on iPhone consists to uninstall user applications, or that you may not be able to share the functions of the arrival- plan or access to the data network. To uninstall an application, on the main with the one of the app icons, on the app to edit the app sur Delete.

The exploitation system automatically charges to suppress applications that we do not have long time to use, which will limit the consumption of iPhone data.


Plugin of the users navigating the iPhone are capable of reducing the consumption of data in the application of suggestions for automatic manners; for those who come from Android or who use it for the first time on an Apple smartphone, they will be able to remember all their advice, and to be able to intervene personally, the traffic will be rare. The rules for avoid the additional supplements for data connection with your smartphone are the ones that are.

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