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Top 20 Free Data Recovery Software

Every PC user is faced with a situation when it is necessary to return lost files. There are special programs that allow you to recover deleted data or information on damaged hard drives and other storage devices. But most utilities are able to “reanimate” only information, access to which has been lost recently. Therefore, this should be thought about as early as possible. In the “System Administrator’s Blog” we will analyze the most effective tools that are distributed free of charge.


One of the most popular data recovery software is Phoenix from domestic developers. It is able to safely return files even in difficult cases: a failure in the system or after it has been formatted. It is enough to select the medium to be checked, then start scanning. After a while, a list of files available for recovery will appear. The program has built-in filtering to make it easier to find the data you need. You can also customize the display and sort the files. Selected positions can be returned in a few clicks.

The following features can be distinguished from the advantages of the Phoenix program:

  • supports a variety of file storage devices, including removable media, digital cameras or smartphones;
  • recovery of documents, graphics, video or audio;
  • compatibility with all current versions of Windows;
  • logical Russian interface.


Recuva is a free utility designed to reanimate files of various types from hard drives, hard drives or external media. For ease of use, a built-in assistant is provided to help you master the program at every step. In addition, there is a function for deleting information beyond recovery. After checking, a list of files is displayed, where the possibility of recovery is indicated. Moreover, each element is marked with a specific color. As additional information, the path is indicated in which directory or disk the file was located before deletion.


Software has a number of advantages:

  • built-in step-by-step wizard for inexperienced users;
  • there are two modes for checking disks: advanced and simple;
  • information recovery after media formatting;
  • for ease of navigation there is sorting by various parameters;
  • function to permanently uninstall any data.

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a handy and free software for recovering files, including multimedia. It works with many devices, including external media (flash cards and hard drives), mobile devices, iPods and others. The utility is able to recover data after an erroneous deletion from temporary storage (Windows Recycle Bin), also if the disk is formatted, partitions changed, system failure or even virus software activity.

Disk Drill has several advantages:

  • the program uses proprietary object recovery algorithms;
  • two modes of system check;
  • interact with most file systems;
  • minimalistic simple interface;
  • compatible with all current versions of Windows.

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery is a simple utility that will help you recover materials lost due to formatting or accidental cleaning. She works with various media. Supports work with a large number of file systems and file formats. Three types of verification are implemented: deep, full and high-speed. They differ in the speed of information processing, as well as in the search result.

Puran File Recovery

Puran File Recovery has the following features:

  • three modes of checking disks for files available for recovery;
  • is a portable version that does not require installation;
  • the utility works on almost all versions of Windows, starting from XP and Vista;
  • lack of demand for resources;
  • work with various types of media: flash drives, hard drives, digital devices;
  • the ability to recover data even in difficult cases;
  • free to distribute and use.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Womdershare Data Recovery is a handy shareware program that is distinguished by its original design and well-thought-out cataloging system. It retrieves and recovers files that have been completely deleted. The main interface is divided into blocks through which you can recover files of certain formats: graphics, audio tracks, videos, e-mail data or documentation. Search of all types is also available. 100 MB of information is available for free use.

Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Recovery has many features, including:

  • advanced settings, where you can select the scan area;
  • checking the connected equipment;
  • filtering and sorting found files by various parameters;
  • user-friendly interface with directories;
  • fast program performance.

Transcend RecoveRx

Transcend’s RecoveRx software is an intuitive and versatile utility. With its help, an in-depth analysis of data is carried out on various types of storage media, including connected digital devices. The app works with all file formats. To recover music, videos, documents, or other data, Basic Recovery and Advanced Recovery are provided.

Transcend RecoveRx

Transcend RecoveRx has the following features:

  • support for formatting SD cards, CompactFlash, StoreJet drives;
  • work on all current versions of the Windows operating system;
  • a powerful algorithm for scanning and recovering deleted data has been implemented;
  • search for a specific file type;
  • support for data protection function.

Glary Undelete

A simple but functional utility Glary Undelete is capable of not only recovering deleted files, but also recovering encrypted material and sorting the found objects by various parameters. To begin with, just select the areas to scan, then start the search. The program supports work with a variety of containers, file systems, volumes. The interface is in Russian, and also has only a few elements, so a user of any level can deal with the functionality.

Glary undelete

Glary Undelete has the following properties:

  • free distribution;
  • recover encrypted files;
  • filtering found files for easy searching;
  • displaying the primary path as a result of the scan;
  • support for different storage devices.

Pandora Recovery

The free Pandora Recovery program recovers data using a convenient built-in step-by-step wizard, which makes it possible to use the functionality even for beginners. The utility interacts with hard drives, memory cards, flash drives and other drives. Despite the English-language interface, the elements are conveniently and logically distributed, which does not cause any difficulties when navigating. The application is capable of recovering only certain types of files: documents, videos or photos.

Pandora recovery

Pandora Recovery has several significant advantages:

  • there is a Surface Scan function that finds large amounts of data;
  • built-in step-by-step wizard and logical interface;
  • manual selection of the scan area;
  • preview deleted files;
  • recovery of archived, compressed and system material;
  • interact with encrypted information.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

The MiniTool Power Data Recovery utility is able to reanimate accidentally deleted files, as well as information that was lost when the drive was cleaned or damaged. It finds media files as well as solid state drive areas. In addition, interaction with RAID arrays, telephones, memory cards and other digital equipment, additionally connected, is supported. An assistant is provided to help an inexperienced user quickly understand the functions of the program.

This PC interface

The advantages of MiniTool Power Data Recovery include the following features:

  • works stably with devices that have been physically damaged;
  • support for most file systems, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, NTS;
  • the ability to clean up damaged hard drive partitions;
  • manual recovery of deleted materials;
  • work with optical DVD and CD media.

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery

Free PC INSOECTOR File Recovery program is designed for fast and high-quality data recovery of various types. It works with many Windows file systems, including FAT32 and NFTS. The utility is able to recognize even a damaged hard drive with a deleted boot sector. The interface is conveniently divided into panels and tabs, through which you can fine-tune the scanning procedure. Searches for a specific file format are provided.

The advantages of the program include:

  • well-developed algorithm for finding lost materials;
  • restoring objects with their original creation date;
  • implemented support for working with network drives;
  • simplicity of the interface, understandable even for inexperienced users;
  • operation on Windows XP / 7/8/10.

SoftPerfect File Recovery

Powerful software SoftPerfect File Recovery allows you to recover data on hard drives and removable drives, including flash cards, SD cards, floppy disks, solid-state storage media. The utility recovers materials even from damaged devices. It features a simple and intuitive interface that is easy to master for a user who has not encountered such problems before. The advanced tool is not demanding on system resources, and also takes up little space on your computer.

Of the utility’s advantages, it is worth highlighting the following features:

  • free unlimited access to all utility functions;
  • light weight of the utility;
  • support for most filesystems;
  • work with many connected devices.

DM Disk Editor Free Edition

DMDE Free Edition is a free version of a professional tool for recovering deleted information. Its main difference from analogs is fast and efficient work, as well as a console interface in Russian. The program works with file systems NFTS and FAT, and is also capable of functioning in the background. A built-in disk editor is provided that allows you to modify and view files. In addition, it is possible to diagnose bootable secateurs and GPT or MBR partitions.

MDME Free Edition features include the following features:

  • built-in IMG or IMA disk imaging;
  • working with arrays;
  • a portable mode is provided without the need to install software on a PC;
  • simple and convenient user interface with Russian-language localization;
  • Recover compressed files and damaged or lost disk partitions.

Wise Data Recovery

Wise Data Recovery is a free utility that can quickly and safely recover deleted or formatted files. There are two scan modes, as well as a preview of the data that has been detected. For simple navigation, there is a filtering by certain parameters. It is enough to select a disk partition and select one of the search types. The program works with various types of files: from documents and archives to video and audio. The paid version of the application has priority technical support.

Wise Data Recovery has the following benefits:

  • fast and high-quality scanning of files deleted at different times;
  • the ability to preview text documents and graphics;
  • search by mask and data type;
  • a free version with most of the available features available;
  • works with most known formats.

Undelete 360 ​​

To recover files deleted for various reasons, you can use another free solution – Undelete 360. The program implements a fast and efficient algorithm for scanning and reanimating data that was accidentally uninstalled or as a result of a virus attack. Also, objects will be found after a software or hardware failure. The utility allows you to restore entire folders with information, which is a distinctive feature of the software.

Undelete 360 ​​provides the following features:

  • filtering scan results by file type and folder of their origin;
  • for efficient search, the ability to use a preview;
  • a built-in Filter function that searches for specific data;
  • preview hex file representation;
  • recover encrypted and compressed objects.


The program for recovering accidentally deleted files Restoration supports NFTS and FAT file systems. It is distributed free of charge and does not require installation on a computer. You can find items on hard drives, removable drives, or digital devices. First, you need to start the analysis process on the selected storage medium, then you can apply a filter to refine the results. The function of checking the integrity of recovered files has also been implemented.

Restoration has a number of advantages:

  • free distribution and use of all functions without restrictions;
  • simple and straightforward interface;
  • display the original address of the recovered data;
  • work with hard disks and any storage media;
  • filter function.

iCare Data Recovery Free

iCare Data Recovery Free is a free program capable of recovering lost data of various formats on computers or other devices. The utility can find and reanimate over 600 types of multimedia files and documents. Security is ensured by the fact that the application is in read mode, so no changes are made to the hard drive. The developers support their product, so they regularly release updates to improve and improve the software.

The iCare Recovery Free software has the following features:

  • the advanced recovery function has been implemented, which searches for most digital devices;
  • easy-to-understand graphical interface;
  • support for more than fifty file types;
  • scan any connected external device or media.

Hasleo Data Recovery Free

Halseo Data Recovery Free is a free version of powerful data recovery software with a simple interface and versatility. It maintains stable performance on HDDs, SSDs, removable drives and external hardware. The process consists of three steps: first, you must select the recovery mode, then the files are searched for, after that you can preview the found objects and, if necessary, restore them.

Halseo Data Recovery Free has the following features:

  • unlimited amount of data available for recovery;
  • fast and efficient search;
  • despite the interface in English, it is simple and intuitive;
  • support for all major file and device types.


Free software to help recover deleted files, corrupted data or formatted partitions. The R.Saver utility works with most file systems, and can also copy and read files from systems that are not supported by Windows, for example, NSS, XFS, APFS, Ext2-Ext4 and others. A function to check the system for errors has been implemented.

The software has the following advantages:

  • user-friendly graphical interface with Russian localization;
  • official free distribution;
  • software does not need to be installed on a PC: just download and open it;
  • recovers data without broken and unreadable objects.

NTFS Recovery Toolkit

The NTFS Recovery Toolkit is designed to analyze problems with partitions on NTFS systems that have formed as a result of damage or virus activity. Two modes of operation are available: manual and automatic. In the first case, you can analyze the structure of the disk, then identify and fix the malfunction. If necessary, you can recover deleted or damaged data, volumes or partitions.

The free NTFS Recovery Toolkit includes the following features:

  • built-in free Disk Editor to view, analyze and modify content on hard drives and media;
  • File Recovery utility is designed to find and recover deleted volumes and files in NTFS;
  • availability of additional functions and capabilities;
  • simple interface with tabs and functional elements.


Active UNERASER is designed for DOS and Windows operating systems. She is able to reanimate the lost information. It works with many file systems, allowing you to return objects even from those partitions that have been formatted or completely deleted. The utility works with external devices, memory cards, solid state drives. In addition, complete information about the physical and logical disk can be displayed.

Advantages of Active UNERASER include:

  • a multifunctional tool distributed free of charge;
  • advanced search by mask and file type;
  • implemented two types of scanning;
  • If the PC does not turn on, you can start Windows Bootable Recovery Environment.

Specialized utilities will help solve system problems in the event of a malfunction. This also applies to the recovery of accidentally lost data that can be returned using the software designed for this. To work with Windows, it will not be superfluous to know useful commands. Write in the comments which programs helped you solve this problem.

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